Friends marathon

Lover of friends, bought up in the 90s, I saw every episode without really knowing what a huge hit it was. Now in my 30s I'm reliving the hype of friends and loving every minute. After going on the set at Warner Brothers Studios in LA and sitting on the real sofa, I became hooked, bought the tshirt and wore it as a staple piece on friends-marathon days. Sunday was no different 10 back to back episodes yes please! It made me want to go back to Chester where they have the best restaging of Central Perk as a real coffee shop! I have a blog post further down about it, it's worth a read and the trip! I remember sipping on a beautiful strawberry milkshake watching friends on their huge TV as they ground coffee and the wacky surroundings made me feel like an extra on the real set. 


Anyone else super excited about the launch of the Kardashian Apps? Each one had an awesome welcome video, I'm just waiting for the right moment to sign up for my free 7 day trial them I'm going to have to pick which one I sign up to for the long haul (think Kim might win). When in New York out your managed to stop at Dash (YAY) & it was probably the most exciting day of my life (I sound so sad). Living in the UK, anything Kardashian comes via US mail or lipsy range which is always sold out (cries). I raised the shop,  I picked up 2 key rings, a compact mirror and a wash bag without even blinking, I was on a time limit, and I'm so happy with my items. Let's hope the apps mean we can start buying more Kardashian things worldwide and we can finally see how those girls get their lips done!! 

Chocolate Overdose

Me and Dan are as bad as each other when it comes to nibbling on chocolate. Since moving I haven't really had much time (or patience) to learn how to bake. So I decided last weekend to give chocolate muffins ago, and thankfully it wasn't that hard to do. There was a few eggy mishaps but hey it's all part of the fun right? We made some gorgeous muffins, and they can't have been too bad, Dan seems to be tucking into the quick enough :) 

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rockerfeller Centre, felt like top of the world. Step inside the colour light show of an elevator that goes from ground to 87th floor in 28 seconds.... Yep it was super quick. To make things a little more intense the elevator ceiling was made of glass..

The view of New York City was breathtaking. Most people would think going to the top of the Empire State Building would be the best view but with 4 hour waits, we read up on visiting the top of the Rockerfeller centre. the best skyline view around it told us, with the Empire State Building in your view. We were sold. And we were not disappointed, panoramic views of central park's greenery joined onto the concrete jungle of New York City sky scrapers.