I've been Tumblring now for as long as I can remember. I have an obsession with finding inspiration photos that I think 'ooh I want to take one like that' and never get round to actually doing it. Id love if you hit my page up, give me some likes and comments! 


Christmas food shop 1.0

It's Christmas!!!!! The first Christmas shop  saw us gorge on all the chocolate necessities! We also bought a gorgeous naughty and nice duvet cover for our Christmas bed. I'm hoping for the nice pillow! We also found these gorgeous smelling Yankee candle votives that are exclusive to asda. We picked up 2 home baking votives that Are divine, we've already lit one...shh don't tell! 

How to be Parisian

Dan comes into me after I've had a really rubbish day and hands me a little Amazon parcel. He tells me it was for Xmas but he thinks it will cheer me up. As I unwrap it, hooray! It's the book 'how to be parisian.' I stumbled across the book after getting Alexa Chung's 'It', it was a recommended read. It's gorgeous photos and hilarious quotes make it such an easy book to pick up at any point and have many useful tips that prove that although looking effortlessly cool, sometimes it's not all that 'effortless.' Must read girlies, I'm loving it