Topshop Mom Jeans

My new obsession: Topshop Mom Jeans. I owe this to Tanya Burr. Not Long ago Tanya vlogged some of her current favourite things. When she got onto clothing, she mentioned the Topshop mom jeans and how they were so comfy and a nice stylish change from the skinny jean. I think I've worn skinny jeans since I've been 13, blue, black, mauve and patterned any kind of Jean I have owned up until this point has been 'skinny' or even a 'tube pant.' 

I went to Selfridges with my family about a week ago and decided to hunt down a pair to try on. Now I'm a petite girl, leg length 28" preferred. It turns out Topshop don't do petite Mom Jeans...*cries* so I scavenged the racks for a leg 30" guessing that a roll up will just have to do. The jeans are stiffer than the usual Leigh style i go for and pulling them on they were definitely Baggier. I love how high waisted they were, meaning I can tuck cute little tshirts in and pull the jeans in with a belt. The jeans are tapered, comfortable around the thigh and then pulling in tapered around the ankle. I chose small roll up becuase small and 2. I quite like that look right now. 

So far I'm literally living in them...trying all different tops, I'm loving a plain shoulder cap tee like this grey one. 

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